the purpose of studio 6 blog

Laraarchitecture is built upon a lively collaboration with clients, craftspeople, engineers and other artists and designers. Periodically the firm jokingly adopts a new name such as Shannonarchitecture, or Richardarchitecture depending the expertise and the investment brought to the project by its partners.

Having said that, I, Lara Dutto, enjoy the process of defining a vision and then orchestrating the contributions of many inspiring people and groups. There is a lot to write about.

The creative process is energizing. This blog is about the many projects and happenings in Studio 6 that don’t end up as a photographable or published project. This might include community pursuits, research about new materials or artistic endeavors for their own sake. It is in this blog where I can listen, write, share the writing of others and generally engage in matters of community, architecture and art.

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